Shifting gears like a race driver - without compromise: quick, precise and positive. Nevertheless with full control.

This is what it takes to turn a drive into an unforgettable driving pleasure for experts.


A creative interplay of the latest and patented technology, use of only the best materials and application of traditional craftsmanship make the manalog race shifter a guarantee for exceptional shift quality.

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Equally fascinating: the sporty manalog styling with its clear lines and the perfect integration into the ambience of the vehicle interior. This turns every manalog race shifter into an individual cult object - also in terms of its looks.

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At manalog we build race shifters for petrolheads with an appreciation for racing type functionality and aesthetic looks. Quite naturally therefore, that our exclusive high end gear shift systems leave nothing to be desired regarding functional safety, technological appeal and lasting value.

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We design devices whose functionality is logically structured in a way that makes its intuitive operation self-explanatory. Thereby, even under pressure, e.g. in a hot club sport race, operating errors are made virtually impossible and the focus remains on steering the vehicle.

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