The attractive sporting styling with its clear lines and the perfect integration into the ambience of the vehicle interior turns every manalog race shifter into an individual cult object – also in terms of its looks.

Anodized aluminum that we use is, however, much more than a styling feature. It serves the purpose of wear protection and renders the material surface impervious against external influences.

The haptic quality of a manalog race shifter is of crucial importance for the driving and shifting experience. Many weeks of engineering work went also into details presumed simple for good reason: to ensure, that the encounter with the machine is not only visually fascinating for our customers, but also fully satisfies their sense of touch.

Even if the race shifter, once it is installed, is concealed from view to a large extent, its central purpose and value stability are visible at first glance.

What is essential is the certainty to have optimized the vehicle that already in itself is fascinating by means of a race shifter strictly designed according to the ‘form follows function’ principle – and in perfect harmony with this vehicle.