manalog SQS6.M2 was specifically developed for the BMW M2 and exhibits special design features that were driven by particular requirements demanded by this application:

- an installation inside the transmission tunnel in very confined position

- a gear shifting interface positioned closely above the output shaft of the gear box

- the retaining of the original mounting concept using both gear box and transmision tunnel

- acoustic requirements driven by a mounting directly on the vehicle's gear box

- the inhomogeneous shifting scheme of the original shift pattern featuring a reverse gear on the front left side next to the first gear

- the considerable forces needed to unlock the reverse gear lock of the original system

- the complete carry over of the original rubber gaiter used for sealing the passenger compartment against the transmission tunnel

- the value preserving installation on a bolt-off/on basis, without any risk of damaging the expensive interior by carelessness, let alone any cut outs

- the quick installation process, that can be handled well and safely and that would also be suitable for an assembly line without risk of a faulty, inaccurate or incomplete installation 

- the requirement of simple final fine tuning from the position of the driver's seat which could be done during a calibration drive without taking another stop at the workshop

- a fully encased shifter with special attention to its operating environment: heat/coldness, dust, corrosive attack

- a maintenance-free, extremely robust design lubricated for life

- an approval or homologation capability by the German TÜV


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