Shifting gears like a race driver - without compromise: quick, precise and positive. Nevertheless with full control.

A control logic designed with focus on safety and maximum convenience allows for unclouded fun to drive - not only on a race track but also in dense public traffic.

Shifting Scheme "Forward"

According to the manalog SQS operating logic sequential shifting is always performed through a simple and one-dimensional basic movement:

In a first step the gear lever is deflected up to the stop from its home position to which it will automatically return when released. All upshifts are performed by pulling the gear lever backwards and all downshifts are conducted by pushing the gear lever forwards. This definition is very intuitive as the hand follows simply and naturally the inertia forces when accelerating or braking, respectively.

Despite the fact that the shift lever has yet to return into its home position in a second step of the movement before any next gear shift, the change of gears is completed now and the clutch can be re-engaged to direct the driving power via transmission to the wheels anew.

Shifting Scheme "Parking Maneuver"

The shifting scheme '1-N-R-N-1' is of great importance especially for vehicles used in public traffic. A quick and intuitive operation that is consistent with the operating scheme for shifting forward speeds is key. Particularly when performing parking maneuvers requiring alternating forward and backward vehicle movement, the driver should not get distracted from the gearshift.

The manalog SQS operating logic takes the operating pattern ‘R-N-D’ of automatic transmissions equipped with a traditional gear lever moving longitudinally as the basis, in which reverse ‘R’ is shifted forwards and ‘D’ is shifted backwards from gear neutral ‘N’ as a starting position.

However, in contrast to the shifting scheme for shifting forward speeds, the gear lever does not return into its home position after the shifting stroke to shifting positions ‘N’ or ‘R’, respectively.

That way the manalog SQS operating logic allows for reading the shifting positions ‘N’ or ‘R’ from the lever positions.

Comparison "Parking Maneuver"

The shifting scheme '1-N-R-N-1' is of key importance with respect to convenience and safety, especially for maneuvers in the parking garage or a busy parking lot or when the following traffic is urging to hasten parking in a gap parallel to the roadway.

A comparison with alternative operating concepts for this type of gearshift shows, that the unique manalog SQS operating logic with its only four single movements to complete the shift cycle ‘1-N-R-N-1’ outclasses those that need six or even eight single movements.

Furthermore, each shifting position correlates exactly and always with a dedicated gear lever position, while in other systems one gear position is represented by varying lever positions.

Finally, the manalog SQS operating logic is also unique compared to other systems in that it uses only the front gear lever movement sector for the complete ‘1-N-R-N-1’ shifting sequence. This saves effort and avoids confusion.